It is apparent from the moment you enter Dunhurst that it is a unique school: a warm inclusive atmosphere in which relationships are built on trust, tolerance, respect, support and care; a stimulating curriculum that has breadth and depth; a school where children experience the joy of discovery and learning and a wealth of opportunity.

The academic curriculum offers challenge through innovative teaching that inspires the pupil and focuses on the individual. Confidence grows as the children grow, and with it their desire to question and discuss. Our distinctive approach to learning helps children excel academically. Learning through doing lies at the heart of our educational ethos.

The creative and performing arts, sport, the outdoor work programme and the diverse wealth of activities on offer ensure that every pupil can develop new interests and skills important to them.

Relationships throughout the Dunhurst Community are warm and informal but this goes hand in hand with a strong philosophy of respect and courtesy. A global understanding is nurtured in the pupils through a wide range of outreach projects and fund raising initiatives: Dunhurst pupils are encouraged to see themselves through the context of a wider world.

Visitors are very welcome at Dunhurst and pupils will give you an enthusiastic and informative tour. They are always happy to answer any questions you may wish to ask, enabling you to see Dunhurst through their eyes.

This blog gives an insight in to the Dunhurst community.


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